5 Quick and Easy Ways to Decorate for Christmas Without Spending a Ton of Money

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas is right around the corner and I’m sharing 5 different ways to decorate your home without breaking the bank!

These are some of my favorite ways to quickly decorate for Christmas on the cheap, because you don’t have to spend a lot of money (or time) to make your home feel more festive for the holidays.



Banners are good to use for any occasion, but especially Christmas! They are inexpensive, and easy enough to make you could even DIY!


Chalkboard banners are so versatile and you can put them just about anywhere! This one from Michaels came with 10 pieces and I use it all the time.



Cozy up your couch with some winter/holiday pillows. I added a little sparkle with this beaded snowflake pillow. Add a couple of throw blankets and BAM! Instantly Christmassy!



I threw in this red and white deer pillow from Ross for $9.99!



I found these two big wooden candlesticks for the mantel at Goodwill for $11.00 total!


I also picked up this wooden tray and brought it back to life with a coat of chalk paint.

You never know what you may find at your local thrift stores to add to your home decor, and for crazy low prices.



Anything that resembles a Christmas tree will instantly add holiday vibes to your home! I love the galvanized buckets and burlap on these little trees.

Garlands are great because they can be used year after year and the possibilities are endless! This one is a TJ Maxx find and will probably end up in 5 different places before Christmas gets here.



There is nothing like the glow of some Christmas lights to get you in the holiday spirit!  Inexpensive string lights can be found just about anywhere this time of year.  Add some twinkle lights to your decor, mix in some candles, and you’ve got yourself the perfect Christmas ambience!




And there you have it!  What are some of the money saving ways you decorate for Christmas?  Leave a comment, and let me know what you think!  Merry Christmas and thank you for checking out the first ever post on myhumblehive.com!

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