Stylish Solutions for Organizing Your Home

The beginning of a new year always seems like the perfect time to get rid of everything we don’t use or need, and go on a major cleaning spree! Every January I get the “urge to purge” and get rid of all the junk we have accumulated throughout the past year (to make room for the new junk, of course!). This year was no different, and I’ve been on a major organization kick ever since putting away the Christmas decorations.

I mean, what is better than taking a big ole’ mess and turning it into an organized and functional space? It can be so satisfying! Life just seems to run smoother when things are organized. Cleaning up and containing the clutter is so much easier when everything has a place.

Check out some of these DIY organization ideas and stylish solutions to keep your home clutter-free.

Bins, Boxes, and Baskets

This is pretty much a no brainer when it comes to organizing your home. Things like storage bins, crates, and small baskets are the perfect way to organize any room in your house.DSC_0176.JPG

I got these memory boxes on sale for $2.00 each at Michael’s. I decided to use mine for storing ribbon, markers, and other craft supplies. These are great because they have a place to insert your own label (I just wrote mine with a sharpie on an index card cut to size) and they are perfect for stacking in small areas.

I use a lot of decorative storage boxes and crates like these in my daughter’s room to organize some of the things we use the most. Sheets, blankets, toys and more all fit perfectly in these cute containers and make it so much easier to quickly tidy up the nursery.



I love how Becky, from Domestic Dabblings used vinyl labels and storage bins to bring some order to her son’s playroom.


How amazing is this cart with the built in baskets?! See how Kimberly from A Night Owl Blog used these baskets to house her produce here.


How many of you mamas with formula fed babies find yourself looking at all the empty tubs and thinking to yourself “I should make something with these?”.  Well you should! I just couldn’t bring myself to throw them away, so I finally gave them a new life with a little chalk paint and scrap book paper


I used these particular ones in my kitchen, but the possibilities are endless with these!


Check out how Brianna from Craft and Repeat up cycled these old formula tubs into a mail center! Such a great idea for containing the never-ending paper clutter!



I have to admit I kind of have an obsession with trays. Tiered, mirrored, wooden…I want them all. One of my favorite rooms to organize using trays is in the bathroom. I styled this mirrored tray in my bathroom with some of the things I use often like cotton swabs, make up brushes, and my favorite face lotions. It all has it’s place in this pretty little corner on my counter, and what doesn’t gets swiped into the drawer (hey, it’s a process).



This one is in our guest bathroom, and full of all kinds of goodies. I have a smaller one just like this in my kitchen to hold all my coffee pods and tea.

Speaking of kitchens, I’m loving this wooden tiered tray for the kitchen.





Jars are inexpensive and perfect for organizing smaller items. These jars were just a dollar each! Obviously, I love a chalkboard label!


You can get a pack of little mason jars at just about any grocery store and they are the perfect size for putting in drawers


I turned these candles into cute little jars for our bathroom. I just boiled them, poured out any leftover wax, and gave them a good wash. Next, I painted the lids and attached the drawer pulls I had leftover from another project. Super simple!



Another candle jar for the win! I thought this taller jar would make a good place to hold makeup brushes. I couldn’t forget about the top, so I just turned it over to hold my smaller pieces of jewelry.




These jars from are the perfect solution for keeping all those tiny things together like nails and screws. I love the clever labels too!

There are just so many great organization ideas out there! There are still quite a few places in our home that are still on my “organization to-do list”. What are some of your favorite ways to organize your home? Leave a comment below or head on over to my instagram and let me know some of your organization tips!



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